Ask Us About Our Surface Coating Services!

Our experts are certified to recommend, apply, and service several of the newest types of surface coatings. Whether you need coating for an indoor surface, a landscape feature, or a hardscape feature, our team is here to help. Our high-grade coatings will not only enhance the appearance of your surface but also eliminate the need for ongoing maintenance!

Here at Bella Vita Surface Renewal, LLC, we are the only company in the Tri-State area that offers some of the best coatings in the industry. Among these coatings are:

Praetorian Surface Coatings

Praetorian Surface Coatings: Praetorian’s finishes beautify, protect, and significantly decrease costs associated with traditional acrylic finishes and high cost maintenance stone protectors. Praetorian gives you options. From VCT, terrazzo, LVT, linoleum, resilient flooring, tile & grout, and concrete, Praetorian surface coatings has a line of products to meet the most demanding residential and/or commercial applications. Call today to learn more about our line of Praetorian Surface Coatings or to schedule your surface coating application in Evansville, IN, and surrounding areas. 

RexPro Sealers & Coatings

RexPro offers an innovative line of coatings for a variety of substrates such as Interior Flooring, All Vinyl Surfaces (VCT), Hardscapes (pavers, concrete, and building materials), Boats, other Marine Vessels, and Industrial machinery. Through extensive research and development RexPro Sealers & Coatings have adapted space age science for modern needs. Our unique formulas have been created to fill the need for longer lasting reliable coatings for industrial, commercial and residential uses. For RexPro Sealers & Coatings in Newburg, Henderson, and other surrounding areas, contact us now. 

ETS 180

ETS provides world-class floor coatings for contractors, hospitals, and industrial facilities throughout North America. As a 21st century coatings company, innovation is at the core of everything we do. ETS 180 products are environmentally friendly and perform significantly better than the traditional, high-maintenance, high-odor products. For ETS 180 application in Evansville, Newburg, and surrounding areas, give us a call!